ALM002BL-N0 (1)

Title A4 Ultra Thin Stepless Dimming LED Light Micro USB Power Input Tracing Light Pad


Amazon JP -EAN :581D4F6F4325342A

Amazon JP-UPC :B074X9RZCC

1. Ultra-Thin Tracing Light Box Only 5mm of thickness and super light weight which is easy to carry with.
2. Stepless Dimming LED Light Long press on the power button to adjustable light from dim to bright, and then long press on the power button to adjustable light from bright to dim. It has the memory function switch back to the last set brightness.
3. USB Power Input The Ultra-Thin Tracing Light Pad power supplied by universal USB, which applies to all device with universal USB port, like PC, phone adapter, laptop power bank and etc.
4. Varied Uses Widely used in drawing, sketching, 2D animation, tattoo transferring, scrap booking, enhanced visualization, sewing and etc.
5. Eyesight-protected designed and easy to use with no flash LED can protect your eyes effectively. Ideal for Professionals and University students. You can positioning the paper with the retention clip.

Model A4-DC
Material Acrylic(Organic glass)
Outside Dimension 36.24cm
Active Area 31.21cm
Thickness 0.5cm
Power Source 5V
Wattage 3.8W
Light Source Flicker-Free Super Bright Eco-friendly LED
Net Weight 0.6kg
Gross Weight 0.84kg

Package includes
1 x A4-DC Light Pad
1 x USB Cable
1 x Manual
1 x Retention Clip
1 x Acrylic cover plate