Teckepic LED Grow Light, 5W LED Clip Desk Lamp Clamp Flexible Neck 360 Degree For Hydroponic Garden Greenhouse


Product Description:
Work voltage: AC85-264V
Housing Material: Aluminum and PC lans
Power: 5W
Working Current: 300mA
Working Frequency: 50/60HZ
LED Beads Proportion : Red Blue White (2:2:1)
Wavelength: Red 630nm; Blue 460nm; White 6500K
Lifespan: >30000H
Product dimension: Coiler ?8*400mm, power line 1.5 meters
Working Environment: -20°-40° 45-95%RH
Installation Height: 03-0.8M
Lamp Useful Life:50000 hours
Applicable Situation: The Light is suitable for the use of area about 2 square meters,
such as potted plant,bracket, greenhouse, balcony etc.

Package Content:

1x LED Clip Desk Lamp


1. This light consists of 5 LED beads of 5 Watt. Its housing material is made of aluminum and white plastic shell.
Super heat extraction performance and low power consumption makes a longer service life.
2. The input voltege is AC85-264V suitable for world electricity use. Built-in power supply, need to use equipment configuration of switched – mode power supply.
Connect it to AC85-264V voltege instead of barretter, the light can work normally.
3. The light adopts high quality chip of Epileds (special chip for LED plant grow light). 3 Watt light source with long service time of 50000 hours.
4. The user can freely choose wavelength ratio to accelerate the growth. the recommended ratio is 5:1-10?1 (red/660nm red620nm blue/460nm).
Red/blue/orange/yellow/green/purple/infrared light/white ?410-850nm?combined light is available for plant spectrum need.
Red light is best for sprouting and flowering while blue light accelerate the growth.