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Teckepic 9.6W 160LED Video Light with Dimmable Light



160 LED Video Light (dimmable)
3 Color Filters included.(White/Orange/Pink)
Total power : 9.6W
Voltage : 7.5V
Item weight : 430g
Item size : 14cm * 9.5cm * 5.7cm
Lighting angle : 60 degree
Color temperature : 5400K (3200k w/filter)
Battery : Available charge power for 6 pcs of AA battery or lithium, which solves the low battery issue of outdoor shooting.
(Bettery is NOT Included.)

The LED-160 Video Light is a camera-mountable light suitable for video and photo applications that require a continuous source
of illumination. The light comprises 160 individual, dimmable, LEDs, that together render a brightness of up to 1480 lux at a
distance of 3.3′. A standard cold shoe mount with tilt allows the LD-160 to attach directly to many cameras and camcorders,
and a 1/4″-20 thread allows it to be attached to light stands, tripods, monopods, ball heads, and other alternative or off-camera mounting options.
1 * LD-160 LED video light
1 * Cold shoe adapter
3 * Filter
1 * Battery holder for Panasonic D series